Compliance Outsourcing or Consulting Services

You can outsource your compliance function to us or we consult and support you in performing your compliance duties ad hoc, part-time or on a project basis.

Compliance Policies & Directives

We provide policies and directives for asset managers, CISA asset managers, securities houses and trustees and support you to get a FINMA license or SRO membership.

Crypto Compliance Services

We facilitate the SRO VQF membership, take over the AMLA special department function and support you in performing the required due diligence.

Compliance Services, Events and Training for Legal & Compliance Professionals

urs bigger consulting. & eventra. specializes in providing compliance services and the organization and the marketing of events and trainings for legal & compliance professionals.
We offer legal & compliance consulting, outsourcing solutions and inhouse training services.
We organize our own events and trainings and can arrange yours, in Switzerland and abroad. Our program is geared to legal & compliance professionals who want high-quality, intensive, close-by and affordable events and trainings of great practical value.
If you need legal & compliance professionals or if you are looking for a new position for yourself, please contact Urs Bigger at